What we do


Disinfecting Services

With over 1 million square feet serviced to date, Blackfoot Services has satisfied the needs of customers looking to improve their environmental quality. Our disinfecting services are customized, utilizing a highly efficient and premier quality method of application. We achieve this with the use of our very own dry-fog applicators paired with hand-held atomizers, leaving a barrier of surface protection from a multitude of harmful microorganisms.

Total Fog
Implementing our self manufactured applicators, matched with hand selected EPA registered disinfectant, we are capable of treating up to 10-12 thousand square feet per hour. Our applicators dispense a dry fog making it safe to use on and around electronics, paintings, paperwork and other sensitive items.

High-Traffic Touch Points
Utilizing our hand-held atomizers and EPA registered disinfectant, you can be rest assured knowing your most used surfaces will be contact safe, free from harmful microorganisms and unwanted disinfectant residue.

HVAC Duct Cleaning/Disinfecting

Air ducts composed of dust, bacteria and allergens lower indoor air quality and can be especially compromising to the health of individuals suffering from respiratory illness. One step to ensuring a better air quality is to regularly replace your air filters which will reduce the amount of harmful pollutants introduced into your air ducts. Another is a process we don’t think much about, but is essential to improving your overall air quality, and that is air duct cleaning. With our RamAir duct cleaning and sanitizing system, you can breathe easy knowing we can safely, effectively and efficiently remove these pesky pollutants.

Duct Cleaning

Each air duct will be carefully cleaned by means of our RamAir duct cleaning system. After removing dirt and debris, all ducts will be coated with our EPA registered disinfectant for added protection and no extra cost to you.

Air Filter Replacement
Whether we are there to clean your ducts or perform another service, let us take care of replacing those often hard to reach air filters. If you don’t already have filters on hand we can provide them for you.


General Cleaning Services

We understand you are busy navigating through your hectic day-to-day and have little time to focus on housekeeping. That is why we offer customizable plans tailored to your specific requirements. With a detail-oriented team, our general cleaning practices can include countertops, hard and textile flooring, baseboards, interior windows, etc. Let us take care of cleaning your home or business on a suitable plan so you can concentrate on what matters most to you.

Regularly Scheduled Cleaning
We will customize a plan that is suitable to your lifestyle. Enjoy peace of mind with a regularly scheduled cleaning service once a week, every other week or once a month.

Occasional Cleaning
Whether you’re preparing your home for a party, houseguests or it’s just due for a good cleaning, we offer a one-time cleaning service to get your back on track.

Moving In/Out
We can all use a little help when starting a new chapter in life. Once the boxes and furniture are packed, you might be left with the daunting task of leaving the place spotless. Or maybe you are looking forward to the more enjoyable aspects of moving into your new home and cleaning is not one of them. We can help! We will do the dirty work of removing dirt and grime and for your sake maybe remove a little stress.

EPA Registered Products

What good would we be if we used disinfecting and sanitizing products that weren’t backed by the EPA? With the growing and ever-changing list, due to a global pandemic, we work vigorously to ensure our services are paired with the best quality EPA registered and List N products.

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